Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our newest great granddaughter, Elyse Noel Richards

Jay and Jessica had a new baby girl on February 20th, 2008. She weighed 7.2, and was 20 inches long. I think! Her name was Jazmin but her mom decided to change it to Elyse Noel. Jay is so thrilled. Jessica is still deciding. She loves to kiss her and she likes to dress her. She's not sure about the rest. She'll get it, I did!

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I tag:
Emily and Blake
Jason and Laura

My 7 random facts:
1. I am 83 years of age.
2. I have 23 grandchildren & 12 greats. It is so nice to be great at something.
3. I love to garden and play in the dirt.
4. I love to shop and not buy anything.
5. I love living by my family.
6. I still love horses and have ridden most of my life. I am now living on a horse ranch but do not have a horse.
7. The love of my life left me 1 year and 9 months ago. I miss him and love him very much.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jessica's Baby Shower Feb. 3, 08

A baby shower was held at my home for Jessica on Feb. 3, 08. I am surely glad that the kids talked me into this big, little house. I surely have hosted a lot of parties for the family. My house is the place of choice when the kids are not invited. Laura, Angie and Kimberly hosted the shower. I made scones which is always a hit. Laura surprised her with a bassinette that she had wanted. She is surely anxious to get this baby out and is finding that she has little control. She will come when she is ready.

Friday, February 1, 2008

President Hinkley


I went to dinner with my Red Feather friends. I was celebrating my 83rd birthday.

Trudy's Entry of my Birthday 08

My mom turned 83 years old today. Isn't she a hotty? Unlike the rest of her family, she is very low maintenace. Her favorite place to eat is Burger King, unfortunately! Since she was the birthday girl, we had her party there. We decided it was a perfect place. It was very inexpensive. It had a playground for the kids. You couldn't mess it up because it is already a mess and noone had to clean up or cook. Great idea Mom! Maybe we could have Christmas there!! Just kidding, don't get any ideas.My dad always took her to the Temple and shopping. I decided to take her shopping and Dianne is taking her to the Temple on Friday. We love you Mom and are so grateful that you live just minutes away.

Maisie W. and Wanda Bolerjack

Maiise Williams and Nadine Babcock
Pat Muir and Sharon Latimer